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Time for some Jim Farma ‘Gymfarma’ Hooniganism

Jim Farma Gymfarma

The farm-style Ken Block parody.

Ken Block has inspired a generation of Hoonigans with his ‘Gymkhana’ films where he thrashes the utter hell out of cars across a range of settings, passing through a variety of obstacles.

Jim Farma Gymfarma

Thankfully, that has got the creative juices flowing for prospective Hoonigans across the globe that desire to replicate Block’s stunts in their own way.

One of them is Jim Farma in his latest film, ‘JIM FARMA GYMFARMA PRACTISE (Ken Block Parody)’ where he takes his 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.0 Shed called ‘The Moonigan’ out for some fun on the farm. The young Hoonigan takes it sideways through fields, crashes it, and even takes out a naked blow-up doll just like the real thing.

Look what you’ve done, Ken Block.

Source: Jim Farma YouTube

Would you like to take ‘The Moonigan’ out for some fun in Gymfarma?


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