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Friday FAIL: Idiot Street Racer Causes Crash in a Tunnel

Friday FAIL Street Racing Tunnel Crash in China

Guys, stop being stupid.

Hey, *NEWS FLASH*, street racing is dangerous! Not only does it put your life at risk, but it also puts everyone else on the road’s life in danger as well. There are race tracks and drag strips for this reason, so go use them instead.

The latest idiot street racing crash comes to us from China where the latest 4K HD potato dashcam video captured a couple of cars (including the camera car) street racing in a tunnel and crashing into innocent drivers.

Friday FAIL Street Racing Tunnel Crash in China

The camera car is chasing what appears to be a BMW M4 Convertible weaving in and out of traffic in the two-lane tunnel. The BMW passes two cars, but since the black car in the left lane is going considerably slower than the white vehicle in the right lane, the gap closes and the camera car is forced to brake. The only problem is that the driver didn’t recognize the need to stop in time and tried to swerve into the right lane where the faster white vehicle hits the camera car and pushes it into the black car.

The white vehicle ends up going airborne and sideways, sliding a considerable distance down the road before coming to a stop.

Thankfully, it looks like everyone was able to get out of their cars and argue about it all.

Don’t street race, guys!

Source: Raw Leak YouTube

How stupid was it to street race in this crowded tunnel?


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