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2012 Project Kahn Range Rover Vesuvius Sport 300

The ultimate Project Kahn model.

Project Kahn continues to leave a lasting impression with the latest in one of their most powerful and luxurious models. The new 2012 Vesuvius Range Rover Sport packs a powerful punch highlighted by a distinct orange and black color scheme.

The most notable aspect of the conversion is the power. Project Kahn has worked to give the Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 unrivaled performance with the addition of a stainless steel exhaust system and a “twin turbo supercharged” 5.0-liter V-8 engine.

With the added power comes a bold exterior design. The Project Kahn Range Rover is finished in a metallic black exterior paint with a contrasting Vesuvius matte orange stripe that runs from the roof down to the front hood and grille. The front fascia is transformed with a new black mesh grille with orange outline and an extended spoiler lip in the same color scheme. A set of new 22-inch RS wheels with a black face and orange stripe exude power and confidence along with the orange-striped rubber side steps, binnacle, and door tops. The rear wears an extended spoiler with orange highlights and a black quad exhaust system.

The same Vesuvius orange and black theme continues in the interior. The front and rear seats and door panels are dressed in the orange and black RS quilted leather combo. The steering wheel wears the same combo with orange stitching, the gauges have been replaced with Vesuvius orange units, and even the dashboard-mounted clock is the same vibrant color. The only thing that doesn’t wear the contrasting colors is the machined and ventilated foot pedals.

The 2012 Project Kahn Range Rover Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 is currently available. Pricing on the high-performance SUV starts at £69,875 (+/- 113,500 USD).

2012 Kahn Vesuvius Sport 300 Specifications

-Metallic black paint with Vesuvius matte Orange roof and hood stripe, binnacle, and door tops.
-22-inch Kahn RS wheels with black face and orange striping
-Black rubber side steps with orange stripe
-Mesh grille insert with orange border
-Front spoiler in orange and black
-Rear spoiler in orange and black
-Quad exhaust tips in black

-Bespoke black and orange RS leather
-Front and rear quilted leather seats in orange and black
-Door panels in quilted orange and black leather
-Black and orange leather steering wheel
-Orange gauges and clock
-Machined and ventilated foot pedals
-Interior badging

2012 Kahn Vesuvius Sport 300 Gallery

[Source: Project Kahn]

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