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A Kahn Design Celebrates the Queen’s 60th Coronation with a Special Maybach

Kahn Maybach 57 6.0 S

A classy car, worthy of the occasion.

It was sixty years ago that Queen Elizabeth II devoted her life to the United Kingdom. Since then, the Queen has witnessed and been a part of some very important events in world history and she still continues her service to the people to this day. To celebrate the 60th Coronation, the team at A Kahn Design has commissioned a very special Maybach 57 6.0 S.

“The 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is an important milestone that has only been achieved by one other monarch in history,” said Ally Kahani, Director at A Kahn Design.

The new Maybach 57 6.0 S is quite special, indeed and fit for a Queen. There are more than enough horses to pull this carriage, with 620 horsepower, 738-lb-ft. of torque coming from the twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V-12. A rich and classy interior furnished with fine wood and supple leather comforts all occupants as sounds from outside are reduced to a minimum by shutting the vault-like doors.

Kahn Maybach 57 6.0 S

The team at A Kahn Design took things a step further with the Maybach 57 6.0 S. They created a special two-tone livery that emphasizes the lines and figure, while visually elongating the super-luxury sedan. In addition, a new set of 22-inch Kahn RS wheels were installed and seamlessly mesh with the Maybach’s classic design. Topping it all off is the special “4 HRH” number plate, making this custom-tailored 57 6.0 S even more exclusive.

The new Maybach 57 6.0 S by A Kahn Design will be roaming the streets of London very soon, so be sure to keep an eye out!

A Kahn Design Maybach 57 6.0 S Gallery

Source: A Kahn Design

Is the Maybach 57 6.0 S by A Kahn Design worthy of the Queen?


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