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A look at the Kahn Vengeance from Top Marques Monaco


Making a statement at the show.

The new Kahn Vengeance is looking to make quite an impact on the high-end car market with its classic coach-built construction and incredible attention-to-detail that recalls a traditional motoring experience. While it was officially unveiled at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show, the Kahn Vengeance was also on display at Top Marques Monaco and available for test drives.


The coach-built Kahn Vengeance with its redesigned, elegant body built by craftsman was well received by show-goers and journalists alike from on stage and behind the wheel.

From Thursday, April 14th to Sunday the 17th, the Kahn Vengeance was on display at Top Marques Monaco at Stand E4. Attendees and media was also given a first-hand experience from behind the wheel with test drives in another model outside of the show.


“The atmosphere was been terrific,” said Afzal Kahn, adding that it was the first time he had visited Monaco in a while. “This has been a fantastic event, it was relaxed and fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.”

With the low volume production and rarity of true coach-built vehicles, the Kahn Vengeance will provide owners with an ideal investment in excitement-filled high-end motoring.

For more information on the Kahn Vengeance, visit http://www.thevengeance.co.uk

Kahn Vengeance at Top Marques Monaco Gallery

Source: A Kahn Design

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