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A.R.T. gives us the Gaudy G Streetline 65

A.R.T. G Streetline 65

Widebody style for the G63/65 AMG.

A.R.T. Tuning never keeps things subtle. They’re extravagant, in-your-face, and polarizing in order to cater to a certain automotive clientele. Their tool of the trade has been the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, especially the AMG models, for the aftermarket company. With 2012 bringing in new updates for the G 63 and G 65 AMG, A.R.T. Tuning has unveiled a new widebody kit for the performance-oriented version of the off-road SUV.

The new A.R.T. G Streetline 65 is a power-packed SUV thanks to tuned versions of the twin-turbocharged V-8 and V-12 engines. The twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V-8 engine gets a boost up from the stock 537 horsepower and 737 lb-ft. of torque (limited) while the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 of the G65 AMG has been increased to 749 horsepower and 737 lb-ft. of torque (limited). The increase in power for both engines comes from sport catalytic converters and a tuned ECU as well as engine, fuel, and transmission coolers. A new exhaust system will be featured on both variants that utilized three side-exit outlets beneath each of the running boards.

When both engines have the A.R.T. G Streetline 65 at rest, it’s evident that the SUV has an entirely new character thanks to the new widebody kit. The upgrades start with a new front bumper with additional air intakes, a premium in-house high-beam Bi-Xenon headlight system with integrated LED daytime running lights, and an LED three-beam system with two high-beams and one daytime running light per side. Sitting atop the bumper and engine is a new A.R.T. two-tone hood that boasts no less than 19 vents to help keep things cool in the engine bay. But the most exciting part of the exterior transformation are the new widened fenders connected by new running board covers with integrated underfloor LED illumination. A new rear bumper carries over the same rugged design with double-reflectors while a new roof spoiler with LED brake light helps to generate a bit of extra downforce.

A.R.T. G Streetline 65

Finishing things off is a set of new A.R.T. monoART1 wheels that are finished in the same color as the exterior of the G Streetline 65. The upgraded fitment is also larger than the factory setup with both the front and rear axle with the new wheels measuring 10.0 x 22 with 295/35 R22 tires. The entire chassis has also been lowered along with the new wheel and tire setup to fill in the bulging fenders.

A.R.T. will also offer a full range of interior accessories and customizable options to create a unique atmosphere centered around the aggressive new body kit and tuned engine ranges. The A.R.T. G Streetline 65 will be available in January 2013.

A.R.T. G Streetline 65 Specifications

[toggle title=”Engine”]
G 63 AMG:
-681 horsepower/737 lb-ft.(1000 Nm) of torque (limited)
-ECU tune
-New exhaust system with sport catalytic converters
-New fuel, transmission, and engine cooling systems

G 65 AMG:
-749 horsepower/737 lb-ft. (1,000 Nm) of torque (limited)
-ECU tune
-New exhaust system with sport catalytic converters
-New fuel, transmission, and engine cooling systems

[toggle style=”closed” title=” Wheels and Tires “]
Wheels: monoART1 wheels in custom finish
Wheel Size: 10.0 x 22
Tire Size: 295/35 R22
Chassis: Lowered

[toggle style=”closed” title=” Exterior “]
-A.R.T. G Streetline widebody kit
-Extended front and rear fenders
-New front bumper with integrated air intakes
-Two-tone areo hood with 19 vents
-LED triple beam set with two LED high beams and one DRL per side
-High Bi-Xenon headlight system with integrated DRL
-Three side exhaust outlets underneath the running boards
-New running board covers with underbody LED lighting
-New rear bumper with double-reflectors
-Roof spoiler with integrated LED brake light

[Source: A.R.T. Tuning]

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