A Sneak Peek at the new Ferrari F152 aka F620 GT – Part II


Bare metal preview.

On February 29th, 2012, Ferrari will unveil the new F620 GT, codenamed the Ferrari F152. The Italian automaker has already released one preview of the car, draped in prototype camouflage, being driven around a racetrack. Now, the company is teasing us again, this time with the Ferrari F152 as it is being manufactured.

The new Ferrari F152 sneak peek was made to show us the level of engineering and design that will go into building the new F620 GT. As mentioned before, the new 599 successor will be powered by an all new V-12 engine that is set to be the most powerful from Ferrari to date.

We’re trying to wait patiently for the new Ferrari F152 to be unveiled on February 29th, but it’s becoming hard for us to contain our excitement. Please don’t tease us any more, Ferrari. We can’t handle it.


GTSpirit was able to capture a picture of the wooden model of the new Ferrari F152 F620 GT. The model is painted matte silver and was shown at an exclusive preview event. The real car will still be unveiled on February 29th, 2012 and be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Ferrari F152 F620 GT


[Source: Ferrari]

How much horsepower do you think the new Ferrari F620 GT will produce? Leave a comment and let us know!


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