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Featured Fitment – Come see how HRE Vintage Series Wheels are made!

Classic style built with modern technology.

Remember those HRE Vintage Series Wheels that we featured a while back? Well, thanks to StanceWorks, we can take a behind the scenes look into how each wheel is manufactured.

The HRE Vintage Series wheels are unique three-piece forged rims that are built using 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy. The forging process helps to create an incredibly strong but lightweight wheel that offers better performance and durability over a cast wheel. Each wheel is put together using ARP high strength stainless steel fasteners or optional titanium units to finish the build process.

The HRE Vintage Series 501 modular three-piece wheel is featured in the video, which details how the company machines, finishes, packs, and paints each wheel to ensure maximum quality and craftsmanship.

[Source: StanceWorks]

What car would you like to see with the HRE Vintage Series 501 wheels? Leave a comment and let us know!


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