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Friday Fail: The Porsche 911 Stuck in Cement

Friday Fail: The Porsche 911 Stuck in Cement

A pretty sticky situation.

Some Porsche drivers have a reputation of being douchebags, as with many different high-end cars. (The only reason they didn’t make the Top 10 High-End Douchebag Cars list is the large enthusiast following the have). What happened in San Francisco recently is a perfect example of why some drivers give Porsche owners a bad name.

We all hate having to sit in a traffic jam, especially when it is because road construction. We’re all impatient and we all have somewhere to be. But, apparently this guy had more pressing issue that just couldn’t wait, and decided to take a shortcut right through wet cement.

What resulted was quite possibly the most embarrassing and expensive automotive mistake that the driver has ever made. His stuck Porsche was quickly caught on camera and spread like wildfire on the internet. Construction workers tried their best to put boards under each of the rear wheels to gain traction and were able to push the rear-wheel drive 911 out of the cement.

The driver has us and automotive enthusiasts alike shaking their heads at his 911 in cement. We felt bad for the workers that had to fix the problem that he caused. Normally in California, intentionally touching cement is reserved for celebrities, not for drivers that have no clue as to what they are doing. Have fun with that repair bill!

Friday Fail: The Porsche 911 Stuck in Cement

Porsche in Cement Video


[Source: laurenbettencourt YouTube Channel]

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