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Afzal Kahn refuses a £5 Million offer for his F1 Number Plate

F1 Number Plate owned by Afzal Kahn

Two expensive characters.

It’s hard to find examples of two characters being worth millions of pounds when it comes to automobiles, but Afzal Kahn doesn’t have to look far. His famous F1 number plate is valued in the seven-figure range and its going to take quite a bit to pry it from the founder of A Kahn Design’s hands.

The legendary F1 number plate is now looked at as a great investment by Afzal Kahn, who originally purchased it for £375,000 and its value has only gone up since then. Recently, it was reported that an interested buyer offered Kahn £5,000,000 for the number plate, which he turned down.

In three years, the return rate on his investment is an astonishing 1,233 percent. And, judging by the latest offer, it doesn’t appear that Kahn will be selling his F1 number plate for anything short of an incredible offer.

According to the number plate specialists at Platemaster, Afzal Kahn’s plate is easily the most valuable in the UK, and amongst the top in the world. Only the “1” plate that was purchased by Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri in Abu Dhabi, UAE for £7.25 million could be considered more valuable.

(We like “F1” better)

Also be sure to check out the BBC News story on the offer.

F1 Number Plate owned by Afzal Kahn

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