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An Epic Jaguar XJ220 Burnout and Tire Shredding Madness

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

YouTube exotic car legend, TaxTheRich is known for their crazy videos of supercars where caution is thrown to the wind and insane things happen. They’ve taken a Ferrari Enzo for a rally, pitted two Ferrari F40s in a tow war, done burnouts with a Ferrari F50, and hooned various other cars.

Now they’re back for even more fun. In the latest video they’ve compiled all of the fantastically-absurd things they’ve done with cars in the past and compiled them together along with a Jaguar XJ220. But this isn’t just your average XJ220 – it’s an XJ220 that does a burnout so crazy that it erupts in flames.

It must be great to have that much money.

Source: TaxTheRich YouTube Channel

Is this the most epic Jaguar XJ220 burnout ever or the most epic Jaguar XJ220 burnout ever?


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