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Friday FAIL: This is the Wrong way to Load a Truck

(Warning, NSFW language)

This is going to end well.

Loading a truck onto a trailer to be towed isn’t rocket science. With that being said, there’s proper ways to do it so that the trailer and vehicle both are not damaged and can be secured for everyone’s safety. Then there’s this.

Some guys were loading their Ford truck onto the back of a trailer, which seems like it would be a walk in the park. Only it wasn’t. The truck was rolling down an incline onto the trailer’s ramps. Due to the incline, the ramps became caught beneath the truck and were pushed upwards, damaging bodywork and the underbody of the truck.

That’s a recipe for a bad day, and the man who was filming it completely agreed with this assessment by using an array of four-letter words. Then to top the FAIL off, he FAILS at capturing the rest of the damage and continues to swear and ask what they should do next.

Source: JackofItAll2011

What would you do in this situation?


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