AUDI WANTS YOU! : Audi Makes Plans To Recruit Veterans

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Audi is working with the over 1,800 military service alumni groups as well as public and private groups that support military veterans in a new program called “Veterans to Technicians“. This effort is to attract former military technicians to service jobs at Audi dealerships around the country.

The transition from military to civilian life can be daunting, which is why Audi and Calibre, a Virginia-based and technology services company (they help the US Dept. of Defense and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs support transitioning veterans).

Though the main focus is on those with automotive skills, Veterans with 3-5 years of military unit’s maintenance operations, power generation, aviation, welding, electronics, hydraulic systems and maritime systems are welcome for consideration.

The program was developed with the help of that helps the US Department management of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs in their efforts to support veterans transitioning to civilian life. They will also assist in the Veterans to Technicians program by connecting veterans with Audi dealerships around the country.


According to Audi, the demand for service technicians, shop foremen and service consultants to double by 2020. Who better to fill these positions than a veteran workforce and those who have defended the liberties of our country?

This means In order for veterans to be eligible for the program, they must first have received an honorable discharge along with 3-5 years of direct experience in a military unit’s maintenance operations. The program is also open to those who are currently serving in the National Guard and Reserve.

The focus is on recruiting those with proven automotive skills, but that in no way excludes those with other technical proficiencies or areas of expertise. Experience in power generation, aviation, welding, electronics, hydraulic systems and maritime systems will also be considered for positions.

Eligible applicants must first complete pre-employment screening and an Audi technician skills check to be hired. Once hired, veterans will then complete the Audi FastTrack two-week training program to learn about Audi products and technologies.

What do you think of Audi’s move to hire more military veterans?


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