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Beefing up with the Prior Design Panamera PRIOR600 WB

Prior Design Panamera PRIOR600 WB

There’s a lot going on here.

The Porsche Panamera is one of those polarizing vehicles where there is no middle ground when it comes to styling. It’s either the ugliest thing that ever rolled off the Stuttgart factory line or a beautiful sport Gran Turismo coupe that blends practicality with performance. Well, opinions just got a bit more divided with the new Prior Design PRIOR600 WB Porsche Panamera.

Prior Design Panamera PRIOR600 WB

The new Dura-Flex FRP or full carbon fiber PRIOR600 WB widebody kit for the Porsche Panamera makes the four-door German coupe a big and brawny muscle machine. The new kit is very busy in terms of design but purposeful in its ways. A new front bumper with enlarged air intakes feeds the engine with cool air and incorporates a bumper bar and spoiler to reduce lift at the front axle. Air runs across the newly contoured hood and towards the rear where it meets a trunk spoiler that was designed after the classic Porsche ducktail on the 911 RS 2.7. Each side of the PRIOR600 WB Panamera features extended front and rear fenders connected by side skirts to emphasize power and confidence. Finishing things off at the rear is a new bumper that seamlessly connects with the extended rear fenders for a clean look. The entire Panamera was then given a full matte brown wrap with black Prior Design graphics throughout.

Sitting snug inside those bulging fenders are new 22-inch etabeta Piuma light alloy wheels with a contrasting black finish with red outer rim edging. Keeping those new 22-inch wheels sitting tight is a new KW suspension that can actually be adjusted by the push of a button or through an iPhone app. Even the exhaust note can be altered in the same manner thanks to a new valve-controlled system.

Prior Design Panamera PRIOR600 WB

Inside the design chaos continues. All four of the seats, center console, arm rest, sport steering wheel with flat bottom, and door lining wear a two-tone beige and brown diamond stitching while the headliner and pillars wear alcantara with the latter having stitching as well.

The new Prior Design Porsche Panamera PRIOR600 WB can be purchased as an entire upgrade package or as separate modifications. Pricing has not been released.

Prior Design Panamera PRIOR600 WB Specifications

-Front bumper with integrated spoiler
-Side skirts
-Extended front and rear fenders
-Contoured hood
-Rear ducktail-style trunk spoiler
-Rear bumper with diffuser insert
-22-inch etabeta Piuma light alloy wheels
-KW adjustable suspension

Prior Design Panamera PRIOR600 WB Gallery

Source: Prior Design

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