Bentley teams up with Linley for ten Special Edition Continental Flying Spurs

The pinnacle of Birtish luxury design.

One of the most recognized symbols of British luxury is Bentley. The automobiles represent craftsmanship, affluence, and power. The company has recently seen a large growth in the Chinese market, and to celebrate the success they have teamed up with another British luxury and design icon – Linley.

“Our collaboration with Linley brings a new element to the interior of one of our globally best-selling models. The Continental Flying Spur has a unique executive style and elegance which is complemented wonderfully by the Linley veneers,” said Christine Gaskell, Member of the Board for Personnel, Bentley Motors. “We share an expertise in the use of natural materials and a commitment to superlative craftsmanship.”

Each of the limited edition Linley Bentley Continental Flying Spurs are treated to a handcrafted interior with unique Linley design characteristics. Instead of the traditional Bentley Chestnut or Walnut wood veneer, specially selected Santos Rosewood Linley veneers are used in the dashboard, console, waist rail, and roof console. Stainless steel Linley door entry sills greet passengers upon entry. Facing the passenger is a Linley logo in stainless steel, behind which is a Linley for Bentley rhodium-plated plaque inside the glove box compartment. Each seat wears modified fluting and new Burnt Oak contrasting stitching. Each of the storage areas and door pockets are given Burnt Oak Hide leather upholstery.

The rear seats of the Linley Bentley Continental Flying Spurs have been designed using the same theme used in the British design house’s Helix Furniture collection. A unique Helix braided inlay overlaps the Santos Rosewood veneers in the waist rail and picnic tables by the two rear seats. The overlapping Helix theme contrasts the Rosewood and produces a wave-like appearance and uses four different types of veneer specially made by master craftsman. Between the set of rear seats is a customer-commissioned Linley humidor with humidification system, cigar cutter, and ashtray. Behind the rear console and arm rest sits a built-in refrigerator designed to accommodate bottles.

“The humidor has been designed by Linley and it drops into a unique console. We have reconfigured the console so that the humidor can fit in, moving things around and creating a space,” said Brett Boydell, Senior Designer at Bentley. “It was an engineering feat to meet the quality requirements of a Bentley and the design cues of Linley.”

In each of the Linley Bentley models come standard with a Linley leather bag and soft cashmere blanket, leather luggage tag, and other exclusive Linley accessories.

“It is a great honor to be working alongside such an esteemed British brand as Bentley. Our two brands share a commitment to superlative craftsmanship and design,” said David Linley, Chairman of Linley. “I believe that the culmination of our efforts has resulted in a car that is utterly unique and reflective of the passion that both brands share for pushing boundaries of engineering and excellence.”

Only ten examples of the Linley Bentley Continental Flying Spur will be produced. All models will be built for China, Bentley’s biggest four-door market. Pricing for each of the models has not been released.

Linley Bentley Continental Flying Spur Limited Edition Specifications

-Distinctive marquetry inlaid Helix motif throughout the interior.
-Linley-designed box in the rear console – the humidor contains a humidification system, cigar cutter and ashtray.
-In-built fridge set behind the arm rest and rear console, with specially designed space for bottle storage.
-Picnic tables with pop-up vanity mirror concealed within.

Linley Bentley Continental Flying Spur Limited Edition Video


Linley Bentley Continental Flying Spur Limited Edition Gallery

[Source: Bentley]

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