Remembering the legendary Audi Quattro – Video

Four wheels of fury.

At the 1980 Geneva Motor Show, Audi shocked the world with a high-performance four-wheel drive automobile. The Audi Quattro dominated the Group B rally field and won numerous races due to its four driven wheels and turbocharged inline-five.

The folks at Fifth Gear found an old Audi Quattro and brought us back to a time where the boxy-looking German coupe was at the forefront of the sports car world. The first Quattro models used a turbocharged an intercooled inline-five cylinder engine producing 197 bhp and 210 lb-ft. of torque, giving it a 0-62 mph time of just 7.1 seconds. Later engines would break the 210 horsepower mark with the racing versions boasting over 500 horses.

Reminisce with us about the good old days of Group B with the Audi Quattro Video!

Audi Quattro Video


[Source: Fifth Gear]

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