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Black Friday – Hoonigan Style!

Hoonigan Black Friday

Drifting an empty mall.

Black Friday: arguably the worst consumer-created holiday ever known to humanity. People will fight and trample others to death for savings while stores open earlier and earlier into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hoonigan Black Friday

The Hoonigan team is here to show us the true meaning of Black Friday. At the abandoned Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles, CA, Chris Forsberg and his 1,000 horsepower Nissan 370Z went shopping early only to be chased by Ryan Tuerck and his red 370Z.

The two drifted, spun, and slid through the abandoned mall often coming inches of totally wrecking their cars, all to be the first in line for those Black Friday deals!

The moral of the video is that you shouldn’t camp outside of stores waiting for incredible deals. You should spend time with your friends and family, drifting through shopping malls!

Source: TheHoonigans YouTube

Would you like to drift through a mall instead of shopping on Black Friday?


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