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Friday FAIL: Flipping your BMW trying to Show Off

Friday FAIL BMW Flip

You’re a pro driver on a public road.

The roads on the Mullholland Highway in Los Angeles are a pretty enjoyable place to slice and dice some canyon curves. These roads, while being a favorite of car enthusiasts and motorcyclists, are also public roads and should be treated carefully at all times. This driver, however, learned that being reckless and trying to show off for the camera can land you in a very bad place.

While on Mullholland Highway, this BMW thought that he could show off just how good of a driver he was by sliding around a curve. The only problem is that the driver is not as skilled as he had originally thought.

Friday FAIL BMW Flip

Upon losing traction, he tried to correct and caused his BMW to steer directly into the hill next to the road, causing it to slide up and flip.

Thankfully, the driver wasn’t injured in the accident, but the BMW was damaged heavily.

Don’t overestimate your driving skills and try to show off for the camera, especially on public roads, kids.

Source: RNickeyMouse YouTube

How embarrassing was this attempt to show off for the camera?


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