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Brabus Works Their Magic on the new Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA

Tuned, styled, and refined.

The big, new trend in the automotive world is the compact crossover. It may not make any sense to purchase these over a traditional car or truck, but it’s the cool, hip thing now and automakers are cranking them out left and right while consumers eat them up. The success of these crossovers have led aftermarket tuning companies like Brabus to create fun, new upgrade programs for them, the latest of which is the Brabus-tuned Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class.

What makes the new Brabus upgrade program different for the GLA-Class is that it allows owners to choose whether they want a crossover that’s aimed at on- or off-road performance. From the suspension to the Standard, Style, or Urban aerodynamic styling kits, the GLA can be custom-tailored to each owner.

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA

The new Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class styling and aerodynamic kit was designed and built with OEM quality from PU-RIM plastics. The front fascia of the GLA is fitted with a new element that replaces the center insert and gives the crossover a more rugged, off-road look with its underride guard. New side air inlets complement the insert and add a touch of sport to the fascia. Along each side, Brabus has added on their optional under-car lighting system that activates LED lights at night whenever the door handle or key fob is activated. The rear hatch boasts a new spoiler to generate some downforce while a bumper insert with similar underride guard design features four exhaust cutouts for the optional sports exhaust system.

Drivers have the option of making their GLA more proficient on- or off-road through some new Brabus suspension options. The first is a kit that raises the ride height by approximately 30 mm to overcome obstacles more easily, or customers can opt for the sport springs that lower the ride height by about 25 mm for better handling in the corners.

These suspension options can be combined with a variety of Brabus alloy wheels from 18- to 21-inches in diameter. The featured wheels were the Brabus Platinum Edition Monoblock F or R wheels in a wide 9.0J x 21 setup with 255/30 R 21 high-performance tires from YOKOHAMA, Pirelli, or Continental.

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA

The diesel and gasoline engines featured in the GLA-Class lineup get a boost in power thanks to some German know-how from Brabus. The 2.1-liter turbodiesel inline-four benefits from an auxiliary PowerXtra D3 control module that increases output by 40 horsepower to a healthy 210 hp (208 bhp) and 302 lb-ft. of torque. That allows the GLA 220 CDI to accelerate to 62 mph in 8.0 seconds and to a top speed of 137 mph.

But the most exciting engine upgrade comes in the form of the Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG. The 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four cylinder engine was outfitted with the Brabus PowerXtra CGI B45 kit to turn up the output to 400 horsepower (394 bhp) and 369 lb-ft. of torque for a 0-62 mph time of only 4.4 seconds and 168 mph top speed. Both of the gasoline and diesel engines can be paired up with Brabus sport exhausts with four chrome tailpipes for a more enticing exhaust note. For the GLA 250, owners can also opt for the exhaust system with integrated butterfly valves as well.

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA

As with all of the vehicles upgraded by Brabus, the Mercedes-Benz GLA can be upgraded with a host of interior options with fine leather and alcantara upholstery, stainless steel door entry sills, aluminum pedals, shift paddles, and more to create a truly custom crossover.

The new range of Brabus upgrades for the Mercedes-Benz GLA-class are currently available and come with a standard BRABUS Tuning Warranty® of three years, up to 100,000 kilometers/62,000 miles. The GLA 45 AMG styling kit is also currently in development and should make its debut soon.

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA Specifications

GLA 220 CDI:
Displacement: 2.1 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-four
Aspiration: Turbodiesel
Maximum Horsepower: 210 / 208 bhp / 155 kW
Maximum Torque: 302 lb-ft. / 410 Nm
-BRABUS ECO PowerXtra D3 auxiliary tuning module

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 8.0 seconds
Top Speed: 137 mph (220 km/h)

Displacement: 2.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline four
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 400 / 394 bhp / 294 kW
Maximum Torque: 396 lb-ft. / 500 Nm
-BRABUS PowerXtra CGI B45

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 4.4 seconds
Top Speed: 168 mph / 270 km/h

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Brabus Platinum Edition Monoblock F or R
Wheel Size: 9.0J x 21
Tires: Continental, YOKOHAMA, or Pirelli high-performance
Tire Size: 255/30 R 21
Suspension: Suspension kit raised by approx. 30 mm or sport springs lowering by approx. 25 mm.

-Front element with integrated underride guard
-Front air inlet attachments
-Side undercar LED lighting
-Rear hatch spoiler
-Rear bumper insert with integrated exhaust cutouts

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA Gallery

Source: Brabus

What Brabus upgrades would you get for your Mercedes-Benz GLA?


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