Bro, your MP4-12C Exhaust is Really Hot

McLaren MP4-12C Melted bumper

A little too hot in fact.

It’s always cool to see a few flames shooting out of your 600+ horsepower supercar’s tailpipe. It shows that your car has some serious power and isn’t to be messed with on the track. But then there’s a point where things get too hot and end up damaging your car.

This McLaren MP4-12C was fitted with an aftermarket Akrapovic exhaust system and it sounds fantastic as flames shoot out of the dual tailpipes. However, after revving the engine so much at a standstill, the flames became too hot and began to melt the factory bumper.

We’re guessing that Akrapovic didn’t design the exhaust system with the idea that owners would sit and rev the engine to produce some fireworks for extended periods of time. Now they just need to add some gold foil heat shielding on the bumper, McLaren F1-style.


Source: Automobili Speciale YouTube via CarThrottle

Is it pointless to have an exhaust like this on a McLaren MP4-12C?


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