Bugatti is Teasing Us with a New Model

Bugatti Teaser Picture #1

What’s in store?

Bugatti recently lost their Top Speed record as Guinness World Records stripped the automaker of the title after the Hennessey Venom GT was out doing top speed runs. Well, that didn’t sit well with the French automaker, and instead of doing the typical French roll-over-and-give-up waving of the white flag, they released a new facebook teaser of an upcoming model that’s likely to take back the record.

Here’s what Bugatti had to say about the new teaser picture:

“The stage is set.
It’s almost time for us to share the latest example of exceptional Bugatti performance, simply keep a close eye on Facebook over the next few days.”

Rumors of a faster, lighter, and more powerful Bugatti Veyron model have been swirling as of late with outputs pegged at 1,600 horsepower coming from either a quad-turbocharged 6.0-liter W16 or 9.6-liter engine, possibly with hybrid aid. Weight is expected to drop by almost 500 lbs. as well, which would make for a pretty incredible super car. It’ll also cost over $2.5 million too.

Bugatti is scheduled to debut a new model at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September, and this picture is likely referring to that car.

[Source: Bugatti]

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