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Carbonfiber Dynamics Announces Plans to Show the Audi RS6 DTM

Carbonfiber Dynamics Audi RS6 DTM Jon Olsson

The Jon Olsson snow monster.

We’ve come to love the high-performance yet practical garage of Jon Olsson and his winter mobiles. From Lamborghini to Audi, his all-wheel drive, tuned and modified super cars have eaten snow and gotten him up the slopes to do the thing that he does best – ski.

Carbonfiber Dynamics Audi RS6 DTM Jon Olsson

One of the more popular projects that the skier has been working on with a number of companies such as Carbonfiber Dynamics is the Audi RS6 DTM. The high-performance, camouflaged monster wagon packs one hell of a punch and is in a league of its own.

The 4.0 TFSI twin-turbocharged V-8 engine in the factory Audi RS6 was boosted big time. An STM Stage 3 kit, Milltek exhaust, and gold-coated TTE9XX turbochargers – yes, GOLD-coated – were installed and an insane 950 horsepower was the result.

Carbonfiber Dynamics Audi RS6 DTM Jon Olsson

The otherworldly output figures for the Audi RS6 DTM also come with a beefed up chassis that can handle harsh winter conditions. The entire suspension shock absorber set is finished with the Intrax Black Titan coating for extreme durability and performance. Even the brakes from Mov’it are the biggest and baddest models available to bring the super wagon to a stop.

Carbonfiber Dynamics Audi RS6 DTM Jon Olsson

Carbonfiber Dynamics also worked their magic on the exterior where the fenders were generously extended, new body work was installed, and spoilers were fitted at the front and rear to make sure that the RS6 DTM sticks to the pavement. A full camouflage wrap and exposed carbon fiber give the super car an imposing presence that will melt snow in its path.

Carbonfiber Dynamics Audi RS6 DTM Jon Olsson

The new Audi RS6 DTM project for Jon Olsson will be on display with Carbonfiber Dynamics during the Essen Motor Show on November 28th to December 12th in Hall 2, Booth E126.

Carbonfiber Dynamics Audi RS6 DTM Gallery

Source: Carbonfiber Dynamics

Is the Carbonfiber Dynamics Audi RS6 DTM for Jon Olsson the baddest RS6 around?


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