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Carlex Design unveils its MINI Countryman Steampunk Car

Carlex Design Steampunk Car

Driven by steam.

The steampunk sci-fi genre has a very cult-like following due to its incredibly-detailed steam-powered industrial style that blends the American “Wild West” with the British Victorian era. Simply put its industrial awesomeness. The aftermarket car specialists at Carlex Design have taken the popular sci-fi theme and created a MINI Countryman steampunk car.

The new steampunk car was originally previewed this past summer in renderings, and now has been finally unveiled with a pair of sci-fi models. The exterior of the compact was given a matte grey base paint with copper-colored roof and accents to convey an old, industrial style. Matching the copper and grey scheme are new copper-finished mesh wheels.

Carlex Design Steampunk Car

But the most exciting part of the steampunk car is the interior, where Carlex Design applied their craft. All of the seats, dashboard, and more were covered in classic brown leather with unique stitching designs throughout. Inside of the seat bottoms and steering wheel center is a mechanical wonder of bronze metal gears similar to the inner-workings of an automatic watch movement. The steering wheel is also surrounded with two tones of wood grain and unique accents.

All of the minute details in the cockpit are what makes the Carlex Design steampunk car so special. All of the gauges have been replaced with bronze colored components and wear vintage numbering in black. The center gauge cluster wears new bronze metal while the air vents feature a classic styling with brushed bronze finish.

The new Carlex Design Mini Countryman steampunk car is a unique design concept that showcases the capabilities of the aftermarket company. Pricing and availability for customers has not been released.

Carlex Design Mini Countryman Steampunk Car Gallery

[Source: Carlex Design]

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