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Friday FAIL: Where it’s really hard to catch a cab in NYC


Want to know how hard it is to catch a cab in NYC?

If you’ve ever gone to New York City, riding in a taxicab is a fun and interesting experience. They have a very aggressive driving style that’s not seen elsewhere in the United States as they try to fight for riders.

There are literally thousands of these yellow cars and vans patrolling the city, waiting for somebody to wave them down so that they can give them a ride. But there’s nothing funnier than watching two grown, professional men fight like children over a cab.

Ron Senkowski was able to capture two men pushing, shoving, and grabbing at each other in order to get that all important taxi ride (because they’re just so rare in NYC). One of the men was able to get halfway in the door when he was grabbed and put into a half-assed headlock before he was shoved into the seat by the other man, who politely closed the door for him. Take that!

According to the video uploader:

“My dad, Ron Senkowski, caught this between film financing meetings in NYC. He missed the first 10 seconds where the cab pulled up and both guys fought to get in. The cabbie pulled forward ten yards or so to let the poor guy in the cab get out. This is why the two suits are alone at the top of the video. Check out the lady in Red!”

Next time you hear one of those “Want to know how hard it is to catch a cab” jokes, just remember the time you saw two grown men fight over one like children on Friday FAIL.

[Source: iamcalsen YouTube Channel]

Do you think you’d be able to beat these two guys out for a cab in NYC? Leave a comment and let us know!


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