Have a Case of the Mondays? Some Ferrari 599XX EVO Video will cheer You Up!


Ferrari V-12 Insanity!!

Monday’s aren’t always the greatest days of the week. Getting back into work after a weekend off is not the easiest thing to do, especially when your co-workers are just a ball of fun and your football team lost on Sunday.

But fear not, as there are only four more days left in this work week and a bunch of Ferrari 599XX EVOs are ready to fire up at the touch of your mouse.

Thanks to “Marchettino,” we were able to see some incredible footage of a private Ferrari Corse Clienti event held at Monza that featured a few Ferrari 599XX EVO and FXX models racing around the circuit, opening up their V-12s and ripping up the asphalt like nobody’s business. Oh to have 740 bhp on tap with an active rear spoiler keeping your butt planted while reaching triple-digit speeds with ease…

Screw Mondays, we have some Ferrari 599XX EVOs to watch!

[Source: Marchettino YouTube Channel]

What would you trade to be at Monza driving a Ferrari 599XX EVO instead of working on a Monday? Leave a comment and let us know!


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