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The Chelsea Longnose Land Rover Defender just might be the Fastest Ever

Chelsea Longnose Defender

A Kahn Design has some tricks up its sleeve.

The Land Rover Defenders by A Kahn Design and its Chelsea Truck Company division are more than capable of making a statement on the city streets or through the mud and dirt off-road. The new Chelsea Longnose is a bit different though. The new super-SUV is based on the Defender 90 and packs quite a punch that makes it one of the fastest Defenders on earth. Now that’s a statement.

The winning formula of custom-tailored design and style from the British company is taken to a new level on the new Chelsea Longnose Defender. The off-road SUV is packed with technology and motorsports upgrades gained from the legendary Paris-Dakar race. A 495 bhp V-8 engine sits beneath its hood and drives a six-speed electronic transmission with upgraded differentials to ensure that nothing stands in its way. A race-derived braking system guarantees that the big Chelsea Longnose comes to a halt with ease as it punishes the terrain beneath its wheels.

The new Chelsea Longnose looks the part of the tough off-roader too. A new front bumper with sump guard and integrated LEDs stares down whatever decides to get in its path. New crosshair headlights and X-Lander grille add to the brawny look of the SUV. Chelsea wide wheel arches house 16-, 18- or the optional 20-inch wheels while vented tailpipe-exit mud flaps sit behind. A set of side steps adds a purposeful touch to the speedy Defender.

The rough-and-tough Chelsea Longnose Defender boasts hand-trimmed racing seats that offer added comfort and side support for any kind of terrain. Drivers benefit from a sport steering wheel, drilled foot pedals, and custom dials for greater control. As an option, A Kahn Design can install privacy-tinted glass, tweed detailing, satellite navigation, and new headliner and floor materials.

The new Chelsea Longnose Defender will be limited to just 49 units and come with an £89,950 price tag. All of the models will be based on the Land Rover Defender 90 with an upgraded version of the Land Rover chassis. The entire SUV will be built by the A Kahn Design Coach Building division. A Defender 110 variant is also in the works.

Source: A Kahn Design

Is the Chelsea Longnose Defender by A Kahn Design the baddest Land Rover around?


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