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The Chelsea Wide Track Military Grey Defender Rolls into Service

Military Grey Defender Wide Track

Taking over whatever lies in its path.

The new A Kahn Design Defender XS90 2.2 TDCI by the Chelsea Truck Company is at home anywhere; the jungle, rugged mountain terrain, frozen tundra, or the boulevard. It’s purposeful and functional design is made to take on virtually any kind of obstacle that dares to get in its way, but its refined looks and custom-tailored interior by the Chelsea Truck Company under the A Kahn Expedition Vehicles umbrella make it just as much at home in the high-end districts of the city.

The new Military Grey Wide Track Defender takes the rugged look of the standard model to another level thanks to its purposeful design. A new wide track kit extends the front and rear axle with new satin black fenders that feature integrated vents and bolt apertures, lending to a more muscular appearance. The front wears a new mesh grille with embossed Kahn branding, flanked by two xenon cross-hair headlights and topped off with mesh hood vents. Along with the fenders, each side of the Defender features mesh vents and an undercar Kahn logo projection floor light, while the roof sports a satin black finish. A Kahn oval tailgate badge and Chelsea Truck Co. spare wheel cover finish things off at the rear.

But the Defender’s exterior wasn’t finished there. The Military Grey SUV was outfitted with a new set of 1948 Defend wheels in an 8.0 x 16 setup at the front and rear with meaty 235 x 85 x 16 tires and a satin black finish, completed with the original Land Rover center caps. The rugged fitment is complemented by brake calipers sporting a liquid red paint finish and hardwearing mud flaps.

Military Grey Defender Wide Track

Inside, the rugged and purpose-driven design theme changes over to smooth and comfortable luxury with a custom-tailored flair. The front seats were replaced with new GTB racing seats while the rears become fold-down units. A billet-machined and leather steering wheel along with machined aluminum vented floor pedals and red tachometer provide the driver with a customized feel. Rear passengers are greeted by new LED entry lights and a special red Churchill time clock fascia adds a special touch. Floor mats and an emergency Kahn fire extinguisher complete the custom-tailored transformation.

As with any model from the team at A Kahn Design, the Military Grey Defender Wide Track by the Chelsea Truck Company can be tailored to any individual both inside and out to create the perfect SUV. Pricing for the Defender has not been released.

Military Grey Defender Wide Track Specifications

-Front and rear wide track wheel arch kit with integrated vents and bolt apertures
-Satin black wheel arches
-Mesh side vents
-Satin black roof
-Mesh front grille with embossed Kahn badging
-Side undercar Kahn logo projection floor light
-Xenon cross-hair headlights
-Hood vents in mesh
-Rear wing vent mesh inserts
-Chelsea Truck Co. spare wheel cover
-Kahn oval tailgate badge
-Brake calipers in liquid red
1948 Defend wheels in satin black (8.0 x 16 size) and original center caps
-235 x 85 x 16 tires
-New mudguards

-Front Sports GTB Racing seats
-Rear fold-down seats
-Billet machined leather steering wheel
-Red Churchill time clock fascia
-Red tachometer fascia
-Kahn fire extinguisher
-New floor mats
-Rear LED entry lighting
-Vented and machined foot pedals

Military Grey Defender Wide Track Gallery

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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