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The Cliché RC Car Chase is The Best Action Scene we’ve seen in a While

Cardboard, spray paint, and hot glue awesomeness.

Sometimes cardboard, spray paint, hot glue, some RC vehicles, hard work, and a little bit of creativity can create masterpieces. The Cliché RC Car Chase by the team at Final Cut King is the perfect example of how these things can combine to result in a very impressive film.

The Cliché RC Car Chase is arguably better than most movie car chases. The short film has it all; construction zones, crashes, explosions, helicopters, drifting and everything else you could ever ask for in a car chase. It’s pretty amazing what the team was able to put together with some simple tools and hard work with a pair of Mustang RC cars.

Hats off to you, Final Cut King!

[Source: FinalCutKing YouTube Channel]

Was this car chase better than most of the ones featured in movies? Leave a comment and let us know!


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