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Although Geneva is where all automotive-trained eyes were turned in March with every manufacturer in the world landing on stage, I couldn’t sit by and not say a few words about the 51st Annual O’Reilly World of Wheels Custom Car & Hot Rod and Bike Show (whew! That’s a mouthful). It doesn’t have the size, celebrity appeal or pomp and circumstance of the industry shows but it does showcase the best and brightest from Hot Rod Shops, Garage Tinkerers and passionate Home Engineers. March 1st – March 3rd was a weekend where you could throw your cares away and waft down memory lane as layers of paint, tons of chrome and wheels from way-back-when took you on a journey to “The Good Ol’ Days”.

Pelted by a cacophony of 50’s ad 60’s music, this was a show for those who can appreciate the craftsmanship it takes to bring a 50 year old car from the back of the garage to center stage at awards shows. My daughter accompanied me and served as my keen-eyed spotter to the pearls of the show. Some of which I share with you here:

51st Annual O’Reilly World of Wheels Custom Car Gallery


I met a fine young man named George and I asked him to share his story and the story of his business with me and with the readers here. He is just one of the people I found interesting at this show. I hope that you too will meet him and people like him at your next car gathering. I will leave you with the same words I shared in my review of the Chicago Auto Show. These shows feature the cars, but the real stars are the people, the stories, the bonds you make and keep as you realize there is no race, no nationality, and no gender in the car hobby. It’s all just passion.

What was your favorite car at the O’Reilly World of Wheels Custom Car & Hot Rod and Bike Show? Leave a comment and let us know!


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