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The DMC Ferrari F12Berlinetta “SIPA” goes to Hong Kong

DMC Ferrari F12Berlinetta SIPA

Ultra White Carbon Fiber Monster.

DMC Exotic Car Tuning’s automotive influence reaches all four corners of the globe, from Europe to the Far East. This brilliant white DMC Ferrari F12Berlinetta “SPIA” photographed in Hong Kong by Linus Lam is the perfect example of the company’s reach and reputation with its upgrade programs.

The DMC Ferrari F12Berlinetta SIPA wears a coat of carbon fiber aerodynamics that help maintain stability and give essential parts loads of cool air. The DMC F12Berlinetta SIPA starts out with a new lip splitter with central sword that replaces the factory diffuser and generates downforce at the front axle. The factory hood is replaced with a lighter carbon fiber unit with outer parts that can be painted. As an option, the supercar can be fitted with an optional roof scoop to add some visual speed.

As the DMC F12Berlinetta SIPA cruises to triple-digit speeds, the new side skirts with extended diffuser plates help calm airflow and visually lower the supercar. Air moves towards the rear where it meets a large Ferrari 599XX-style wing atop the trunk and generates downforce. Beneath the carbon fiber spoiler is a new diffuser with large carbon fiber fins to channel airflow beneath the supercar.

DMC Ferrari F12Berlinetta SIPA

Inside, DMC can give the F12Berlinetta SIPA a wide range of custom-tailored trimmings from special leather to new buttons. The company offers small and medium upgrade packages that can be done remotely or a full VIP package with everything from a new steering wheel to fine Italian leather, carbon fiber, and other exotic materials.

All of the upgrades shown on the white DMC Ferrari F12Berlinetta SPIA in Hong Kong are made from carbon fiber with an OEM fitment and are available as individual accessories or a complete package.

DMC Ferrari F12Berlinetta SIPA Gallery

Source: DMC Exotic Car Tuning

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