Your Weekend GIF: Highway Driving Etiquette

Left Lane Driver GIF

This is an easy way to give people road rage.

One of the most infuriating and frustrating things that happens on multi-lane highways and expressways is when someone decides to hog the left lane instead of using it as a passing lane.

With spring upon us (for half the world), driving will be a whole lot easier and people need to be able to use the highways properly. This GIF illustrates that infuriating driver that we all hate that does not allow others to pass in the left lane and matches the speed of the slow driver in the right lane. This causes everybody behind the left-lane hog to slow down to their speed. Eventually, their stupidity causes a backup and crowd of cars that just want to pass but cannot.

So please, do all the other drivers on the road a favor and please treat the left lane as a passing lane.

How many times have you been stuck because of somebody driving like this?


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