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Friday FAIL: Bro, it’s not ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Friday FAIL GTA V Road Rage

Just another morning commute in LA.

Hey kids, drugs are bad. So is road rage. While we don’t know if this guy was under the influence, having a serious case of road rage, or thought he was still playing ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, his actions have landed him on this week’s ‘Friday FAIL’ and in some handcuffs.

Friday FAIL GTA V Road Rage

According to the video uploader, the incident happened in Los Angeles around 7:47 AM. A man rear-ended a Chevrolet Impala and just kept on hitting it, and hitting it, and hitting it for reasons that we cannot understand. The car kept getting thrown into neutral and revving before the driver would shift into drive and rear-end the Impala again. At one point, the driver just spun his front wheels while trying to push the Impala.

After a minute or two of realizing that he’s not going anywhere, the driver backed up, hit another vehicle, then finally sped off, side-swiping other cars and leaving a hubcap in the road as a crowd filmed.

According to the video uploader, the police were called right when the incident first began and later arrested the man a few blocks away after the video ended and the driver hit a total of 5 cars.

We still have no idea why this guy was so mad or what reality he was in while behind the wheel, but this incident was just another day in LA.

Source: Gus Juanillo YouTube

What do you think was wrong with this crazy road-raging guy?


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