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DMC Maximus Ferrari FF Exposed

Ferrari Four? More like Fast Four!

The FF is a controversial car for Ferrari. It is the first production Ferrari to use a four-wheel drive system, has seating for four, and a unique design. Some Ferrari purists dislike the idea of such a car, while others have chosen to embrace it because it showcases advanced technology. DMC Exotic Car Tuning wants to bring both sides together with a new tuning program that gives the FF a fierce appearance and an even more potent engine.

The Maximus isn’t about completely changing the appearance of the Ferrari FF. DMC has instead stayed true to a more traditional Ferrari design and added DMC lines with XX-styled elements. All of the bodywork is made of carbon fiber. DMC’s molded Carbon Fiber technology maps each of the parts with a 3-D scanner, redesigns them with CAD, and then creates a negative alloy mold. The mold is used to vacuum-form the new part in an Autoclave oven, resulting in a new carbon fiber part that can be easily fitted. This carbon fiber technology enabled DMC to shed approximately 154 lbs. (70 kg) from the FF, making it faster and more nimble.

The new DMC Maximus carbon fiber bodywork is striking, yet still highlights the original design of the FF. The front now wears a new fascia with a more aggressive and extended nose. Air is redirected to the braking system along each side by the new Maximus side skirts and air scoops. At the rear, DMC has fitted a new XX-style diffuser and a trunk spoiler that work to increase downforce and high-speed stability. Completing the exterior design are new 21-inch front and 22-inch rear lightweight wheels shod in Pirelli PZero tires. The entire car will be lowered by new springs and also feature a front-end lift system to prevent damage from obstacles.

If the carbon fiber bodywork of the new Maximus doesn’t impress Ferrari purists, the new Ferrari FF tuning program from DMC will. The naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V-12 will gain two superchargers along with a new intake manifold, larger fuel injectors, high-flow air filters, large intercooler, and a stainless-steel exhaust system with 90 mm tailpipes. These upgrades are expected to push power output from the stock 651 horsepower and 504 lb-ft. to a monstrous 876 horsepower and 636 lb-ft. of torque. With the added power, the FF will be able to accelerate to 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds, 124 mph in 9.1 seconds, and reach a top speed of over 211 mph.

The new DMC Maximus Ferrari FF is currently available for pre-ordering. Pricing has not been released. Production is scheduled for the fall of 2011.

DMC Maximus Ferrari FF Specifications

Displacement: 6.3 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-12
Aspiration: Twin-supercharged
Maximum Horsepower: 876 (653 kW/888 PS)
Maximum Torque: 636 lb-ft. (862 Nm)
-Twin supercharger system
-Stainless-steel exhaust with 90 mm tailpipes
-Larger fuel injectors
-New intake manifold
-High-flow air filters
-Large intercooler

Type: Dual-clutch F1 transaxle
Drive: 4RM four-wheel drive system with intelligent predictive torque distribution

Performance: (DMC est.)
Acceleration 0-62 mph: 3.2 seconds
Acceleration 0-124 mph: 9.1 seconds
Top Speed: Over 211 mph (340 km/h)

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Lightweight 21-inch front, 22-inch rear
Tires: Pirelli PZero
Suspension: Lowering springs, front-end lift system

-Carbon fiber front fascia
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser
-Carbon fiber trunk spoiler
-Carbon fiber side skirts with air inlets

DMC Maximus Ferrari FF Gallery

[Source: DMC Exotic Car Tuning Germany Ltd.]

What do you think of the new DMC Maximus styling and engine upgrades for the Ferrari FF? Leave a comment and let us know!


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