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DMC Teases the new Ferrari 458 Estremo Edizone 10/10

DMC Ferrari 458 Estremo Edizone 10/10

More special edition fun!

DMC Exotic Car Tuning knows how to treat its high-end clientele. They love unique, exclusive, and special edition things, whether it’s a watch, scotch or supercar. After their unveiling of the Lamborghini Aventador DIECI upgrade program for every 10th upgrade purchased, the German company is teasing another special edition: the DMC Ferrari 458 Estreeo Edizone 10/10.

The great thing about special edition models is that they don’t always have to make the best business -sense for DMC Exotic Car Tuning. It’s not about making a buck with these editions, rather conveying the passion that the company has for its products and supercars into a full upgrade program for customers to enjoy.

The new DMC Ferrari 458 Estremo Edizone 10/10 is currently being built for their first client in Tokyo through one of their partners in Japan. The newest addition to the product portfolio is also being used as a research unit to help expand and refine their product range for the Ferrari 458 Italia and other supercars.

The DMC Ferrari 458 Estremo Edizone 10/10 features a wide range of lightweight body components that improve high speed performance and reduce overall weight. Up front sits a dramatically styled fascia with redesigned air intakes and carbon fiber lip spoiler that aids in cooling and reducing lift. A lightweight hood incorporates vents and helps to dissipate heat while improving aerodynamic efficiency. Carbon fiber side sills help to smooth the air as it travels from the front to the rear where it meets an aggressive rear fascia. Here, a generous amount of carbon fiber is used to optimize aerodynamics and work along with a large rear wing spoiler that generates a tremendous amount of downforce.

In all, the DMC Ferrari 458 Estremo Edizone 10/10 is 132 lbs (60 kg) lighter than the factory 458 Italia model.

The new DMC Ferrari 458 Estremo Edizone 10/10 will be officially unveiled soon along with the official engine and wheel fitment specifications.

Source: DMC Exotic Car Tuning

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