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DMC unveils their Ferrari 458 “Monte Carlo” Visual Upgrade Kit

DMC Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo

Estremo, Elegante, and now the Monte Carlo.

DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited has had quite a bit of fun with the Ferrari 458 Italia and Spider. First, they unveiled the 458 Elegante, then the 458 Estremo, and now they’re showing off their new 458 Monte Carlo that has a more aggressive fascia but without the ostentatious nature of its siblings.

The new DMC Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo is available for both the 458 Italia and Spider variants and can be easily installed without damaging the factory body work or adjusting the mounting points. This allows for the entire car to be returned to the factory setup with ease.

The new DMC 458 Monte Carlo includes a new front bumper that features two large air intakes along with a carbon fiber front lip to create a more athletic fascia. A new set of bumper-side diffusers sit opposite of each other and help to provide some added stability at high speeds. Both of the featured models have been created by DMC Exotic Car Tuning with the help of LP Auto Gallery, a dealership for SR Auto Group in China.

DMC Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo

Being that LP Auto Gallery is a dealer for SR Auto Group, the Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo models were appropriately fitted with new lightweight forged PUR Wheels in a staggered setup. Up front, the wheels measure 21 inches in diameter while the rear comes in with a wide 12.0 x 22 setup. A new set of 255/30 and 335/25 Pirelli Sport tires help to achieve even greater amounts of grip than before.

The new DMC Exotic Car Tuning Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo is currently available for both Italia and Spider models. Pricing has not been released.

DMC Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo Specifications

-Monte Carlo front bumper
-Carbon fiber front lip
-Pair of bumper-side diffusers

Type: PUR Wheels
Front Wheels: 21-inches
Rear Wheels: 22-inches
Tires: Pirelli Sport
Front Tires: 255/30
Rear Tires: 335/25

DMC Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo Gallery

Photo Credit: Nuo Charya

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