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Driving PSA: Left Lane is for PASSING!

Left Lane Driving PSA

More people need to understand this.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic because someone in the left lane is going too slow and not passing others that are driving in the right lane? If not, then you’ve probably been a part of the problem. You see, the left lane is for passing or turning (in certain situations), and going slow in the left lane can be more dangerous than speeding.

Left Lane Driving PSA

Not only are slow left-lane drivers aggravating because they impede the flow of traffic and cause frustrating traffic jams, but they create an unsafe driving environment – and that’s backed up by studies and statistics!

Simply put, if more people followed this long-standing law, there would be less accidents, fewer backups, and a lot less road rage. Don’t believe us? Watch this video by Vox and share the hell out of it so all of your friends and their friends get the message!

Source: Vox

How frustrating are people that don’t pass in the left lane?


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