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Hillclimb Racers

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Hillclimb races are some of the most entertaining forms of motorsports you can attend. They star purpose-built racecars that are foaming at the mouth with tons of power and have downforce for days in order to weave through tight corners and throttle through the finish line.

Hillclimb racers are essentially cars that get turned up to 11. Everything is made to go as fast as possible in the shortest amount of time without losing any kind of momentum through corners. They also require a very skilled hand behind the wheel pushing the car to its very limits of traction in order to catch a sniff at the checkered flag.

Hillclimb Racers

What we have here is a compilation of some of the greats from the Goodwood Festival of Speed, various Italian hillclimb races, and more. According to 19Bozzy92, the list of the cars and drivers are as follows:
Skoda Fabia WRC E1 (Karel Trneny)
Mitsubishi Mirage R5 WRT Evo 2 (Stefan Wiedenhofer)
Lancia Delta EVO Integrale (Marco Sbrollini)
Subaru Impreza GC8 STi E1 (Mauro Soretti)
VW Golf Rallye TFSI-R (Karl Schagerl)
Ford Escort RS Cosworth Gabat (Werner Hofer)
Porsche 993 GT2 RSR E1 (Rupert Schwaiger)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII E1 (Ronnie Bratschi)
Dallenbach PVA Special Pikes Peak (Paul Dallenbach)
Ford RS200 Evo Pikes Peak (Liam Doran)
Alfa Romeo 4C w/ F3000 V8 (Marco Gramenzi)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV (Thomas Holzmann)
BMW E90 V8 (István Kavecz)
Lancia Delta Integrale E1 5-Cylinder 20V (Milan Bubnič)
Lancia Delta Integrale E1 (Felix Pailer)
Lancia Delta Proto (Franco Giacomazzi)
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX E1 (Tomislav Muhvić)


Source: 19Bozzy92 YouTube

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