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Enjoy the Tire-Shredding Views with ‘Super Vision’

Super Vision starring Matt Field

Starring Matt Field and his Corvette drift car.

We all love a good drift video, and this collaboration between Heat Wave Visual and Airblastr is everything you could ever ask for. The tire-shredding flick stars Formula Drift driver, Matt Field, and his brand-new 1,000+ horsepower C6-gen Chevrolet Corvette shredding through winding canyon roads.

Super Vision starring Matt Field

Unlike traditional video showing lots of tires screeching, cars going sideways, and in-car driving, this drift video stars quite a bit of aerial shots. Heat Wave Visual teamed up with the drone specialists at Airblastr to capture stunning scenes from above. The on-ground camerawork is spectacular but the aerial videography is what really sets it apart. One scene, for example, has a drone flying in front of Field and his Corvette along the winding road only to duck beneath a low branch and shoot upwards towards the sky while capturing the entire drift sequence.

Super Vision starring Matt Field

Of course, Field’s driving is nothing short of spectacular as he works to control the force-fed V-8 engine through the narrow stretch of pavement, eating away rubber in the process. Thankfully, a pit crew was on hand to reload with a fresh set of tires.

Source: HeatWaveVisual YouTube

Think you could handle Matt Field’s 1,000+ HP Chevrolet Corvette drift car?


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