EVOTech Audi RS6 vs ESS BMW M3 Video

Two 700+ horsepower Germans slug it out at the strip.

At MotoringExposure we love the heated rivalry between Audi and BMW, especially tuned Audis and BMWs. Two owners decided to pit Audi against BMW in a mile-long drag race.

The white Audi RS6 is a 750 horsepower all-wheel drive monster powered by a twin-turbocharged V-10 and tuned by Evotech. The BMW is a rear-wheel drive coupe with 720 horses thanks to ESS tuning. While the Audi is more powerful and has AWD, the BMW has an important weight advantage.

So who will win? The Evotech Audi RS6 or the ESS BMW? Place your bets and check out the Audi RS6 vs BMW M3 Video!

EVOTech Audi RS6 vs ESS BMW M3 Video


[Source: DragtimesInfo Youtube Channel]

Who did you think would win? The Audi or the BMW? Leave a comment and let us know!


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