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Featured Fitment – The Defend 1948 and Defend 1983 Wheels from A Kahn Design

Defend 1983

Rugged looks for an off-roader.

Oftentimes it’s difficult to find a set of stylish but capable wheels for an SUV or truck that’s built for off-road performance. All-terrain capability usually takes the place of style. But, the team at A Kahn Design has introduced two new wheel designs that are made specifically for the off-road styling of SUVs and trucks.

The new Defend 1948 and Defend 1983 wheels were designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender, and will be featured on the upcoming Defender 17 from A Kahn Design. The Defend 1983 wheels offer a complex spoke design that emphasizes strength and style, and will be available in 18-inch diameters. The Defend 1983 wheels take their name from the year that the Defender model was first introduced by Land Rover. The 16-inch diameter Defend 1948 wheels were named after the year that Land Rover was first introduced and changed the off-road landscape forever. These 1948 Defend wheels feature a thick, multi-spoke design that mirror the beefy shape of the off-road tires used on the Defender models by enthusiasts.

Both the 16-inch 1948 Defend and 18-inch Defend 1983 wheels are manufactured using modern technology to ensure maximum durability and strength. Each wheel can be finished in a variety of colors to match or contrast any exterior color scheme, and can be fitted with the factory center caps.

The monoblock Defend 1948 and Defend 1983 wheels are available for order form the Kahn Wheels website, and are available for Land Rover Defender models.

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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