The 9ff GTurbo 1200 is a Double-Snail Dynamo!


Two turbos for the track day superstar.

The Porsche 911 GT3 has always been a naturally-aspirated super car designed specifically for the racetrack. It’s a precise, high-revving scalpel on the tarmac and up until now has left 200+ mph top speeds and brutal acceleration figures to its turbocharged GT2/ GT2 RS sibling. But the team at 9ff Fahrzeugtechnik thinks otherwise and have developed the new GTurbo 1200 upgrade program for the 997 GT3, transforming it into a maddening rear-wheel drive track day tool.


The formula for the 9ff GTurbo 1200 is simple: take a 911 that’s factory-tuned for the race track and add insanity. The 3.6 or 3.8-liter flat-six engines that power both 997-generation 911 GT3s can be upgraded with the new program and displace 3.9 liters after all the fun stuff is added. The German company overhauls the entire engine in order to accommodate the new pair of turbochargers forcing air into each cylinder.


Virtually every aspect of the motor was reinforced by 9ff, with new forged pistons, titanium connecting rods, steel cylinders, stronger engine block, in-house crankshaft, and new in-house VarioCam camshafts. A dual fuel injector setup were fitted and the fuel system was modified to accommodate variations in boost pressure. A fully-welded aluminum intake manifold takes in boost from the water-cooled Garrett GT1200R ball-bearing turbochargers that suck air in through the carbon fiber air box. A titanium exhaust system with valve flaps paired with a stainless steel exhaust manifold reduces backpressure are much as possible for the new 3.9-liter engine. After an ECU upgrade that ensures all of the new modifications play nice with each other, the engine is capable of producing 1,200 horsepower at 8,100 RPM and 848 lb-ft. of torque at 5,800 RPM, with the redline sitting high at 8,200 RPM. Drivers can alter the amount of boost produced by each turbocharger through cockpit controls, ranging from 0.8-, 1.2, and a maximum 1.6 BAR of pressure. All that power is sent through a reinforced 997-GT3 gearbox with in-house differential, driveshafts, and clutch.


This equates to an incredible 0-62 mph acceleration time of just 3.3 seconds. Going from 0-124 mph takes a mere 7.1 seconds, while 186 mph is reached in 13.4 seconds. Top speed is set all the way back at 250 mph (403 km/h) – over 60 mph than the standard 911 GT3!


But there’s more awesomeness packed into the 9ff GTurbo 1200 than what lies under its rear hood. Both of the doors and hoods have been replaced with new aluminum components to help reduce weight down to 3,197 lbs. (1,450 kg) for more precise handling and quicker acceleration. The front features a revised grille in the bumper as well as a new spoiler lip to generate downforce, while each of the rear fenders boast new air intakes. The 9ff team then changed the rear wing settings to generate greater amounts of downforce and the bumper was modified to accommodate a left/right exhaust setup instead of the factory center mounting.

The factory Porsche 911 GT3 is already set up for the sharp turns and demanding environment of a racetrack, but 9ff opted to modify the chassis in order to accommodate such an incredible increase in power. The OEM Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes from the 911 GT2 were installed in a six-piston, 380 x 34 mm front setup and four-piston, 350 x 28 mm rear. Hiding those potent brakes from sight are new 9ff “GTurbo” alloy wheels in a 9.5 x 19 front and 12.0 x 19 rear fitment with corresponding Continental Vmax tires. A new 9ff/Bilstein adjustable suspension was installed and utilizes 60 mm race springs, aluminum shocks, adjustable front and rear stabilizers, and a reinforced rear wishbone to sharpen up the handling dynamics of the rear-engined super car.


Inside, the cockpit is focused more on racing than the factory GT3 model. Lightweight Recaro racing seats lined with alcantara hold passengers in place during high-G turns, while a special 9ff gauge set with boost instruments clearly display information to the driver. The standard steering wheel was removed in favor of a new alcantara-lined, three-spoke unit that features two boost controls on the left spoke so that drivers can alter the boost pressure between 0.8-, 1.2, and 1.6 BAR. A set of carbon fiber trim pieces add that final motorsports touch to the interior.


The new 9ff GTurbo 1200 upgrade program is available on all Porsche 997-generation GT3 models with the 3.6- or 3.8-liter engine. Pricing for the complete upgrade package has not been released.

9ff GTurbo 1200 Specifications

Basic vehicle 997 GT3 / GT3 RS (3.6 and 3.8 it is possible!)
-Aluminum bonnet and doors
-Air intakes on the rear side panels
-Changed rear bumper, exhaust system RIGHT LEFT
-Changed instruments, gauges for boost pressure, etc.
-Lightweight Recaro bucket seats upholstered in Alcantara
-Larger front lip
-Changed rear wing setting
-Grill in the front apron
-1,450 kg/3,197 lbs. empty weight

-3.9-liter engine
-9ff engine block reinforcement
-Double piston oil spray cooling for each cylinder
-9ff/Pankl forged pistons
-9ff steel cylinder
-9ff Pankl titanium connecting rods
-RS 9ff crankshaft
-9ff cylinder heads with large valves and canals
-9ff Camshafts “VarioCam” with variable inlet position
-9ff aluminum intake manifold fully welded
-Dual injectors
-9ff fuel system pressure regulator and boost pressure is controlled
-9ff stainless steel manifold
-Garrett GT1200R ball-bearing turbocharger and water-cooled
-External waste gate
-3-stage boost control buttons on the steering wheel with operating
-9ff exhaust system with titanium silencer and damper control
-9ff carbon airbox with great fresh air intake and air filter
-Double blow-off valve
-Modified MAP sensor
-Min 1,200 hp / 882 kW at 8100 RPM
-Min 1,150 Nm/ 848 lb-ft. at 5,800 RPM
-8.200 RPM Redline
-1.6 BAR boost pressure (0.8 and 1.2 BAR switchable)
-104mm x 76,4mm (Bohrung x Hub)

-997 GT3 six-speed manual transmission
-Reinforced gear wheels
-Translations: 3.82 2.02 1.43 1.12 0.92 0.73 (axis 3,44:1)
-Extra strong 9ff slip differential 40/60%
-Shift length and with a different translation
-Reinforced drive shafts
-A high performance clutch discs (up to 1,250 Nm)
-Hydraulic clutch actuation
-Automatic full throttle “9ff Power Shift” (engine cut) system

-0-62 mph: 3.3s
-62-124 mph: 3.8s
-124-186 mph: 6.3s
-0-124 mph/h: 7.1s
-0-186 mph: 13.4s
-Vmax : 403 km/h (250 mph)

-997 GT2 PCCB brake system
-VA 380x34mm with 6-piston calipers
-Rear 350x28mm 4-piston calipers
-Porsche brake pads SUPERCUP
-997 GT3 ABS hydraulic unit
-9ff alloy wheels type “GTurbo”
-Front axle 8,5 x 19 “with 235/35 ZR 19” Continental Vmax
-HA 12 x 19 “with 325/30 ZR 19” Continental Vmax

-Adjustable 9ff / Bilstein suspension
-Aluminum shock absorbers
-60mm race springs
-Rigid aluminum front top mounts
-Reinforced wishbone rear
-With adjustable front and rear stabilizer
-Hydraulic power steering

Source: 9ff Fahrzeugtechnik

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