Ferrari F12tdf- The End Of An Era?

Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari has revealed the F12tdf which pays homage to the Tour de France. No, not the Lance Armstrong-dominated cycling event, but the Ferrari-dominated endurance road race from the 1950s and ‘60s. Limited to only 799 naturally-aspirated, 769-horsepower examples, it represents the possible end of an era.

Ferrari F12tdf

According to Maranello, this could be the last of the naturally aspirated V12’s to roll through the pretty red gates. The next era of big-engine Ferrari could be assisted by turbo- or super charging. More likely, it will have some sort of hybrid system (a la LaFerrari).

1958 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France

The original Ferrari 250 GT TdF produced 240 bhp which, at the time, was astounding. It is amazing to see just how much power was enough back then and how much we are able to attain now.

Ferrari F12tdf

While you will hear tons of info about the F12tdf (speed, specs, performance), I will not bore you with that. I will enjoy the car for now. Knowing that it could very well be the last hairy-chested Ferrari to do everything the old-fashioned way is something to contemplate. When one sits in IL Cavallino ten years from now, they will not drop their forks from being startled by the roar of a V12, but maybe casually glance over and not even notice the next Ferrari supercar because of the quiet whirr of an electric motor.

Ferrari F12tdf

I am already missing the good-ol’ days.

Source: Ferrari

Will the Ferrari F12tdf be the last of the hairy-chested Ferraris?


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