Watch POV footage of a 200-MPH Camaro Rollover!

200 mph chevrolet camaro crash

Luckily everyone walked away.

In motorsports, bad things can happen at any moment, which is why safety comes first, last, and always. You are tempting fate every time you get on the race track, and safety is of the utmost importance. Just ask Nacho Bernal after this rollover crash at the end of a run at speeds close to 200 mph.

Bernal had made many runs in cars such as this 1,400-HP Chevy Camaro on the drag strip before. He’s an experienced driver, and for this run, his friend was sitting in the passenger’s seat, taking it all in with his cell phone.

200 mph chevrolet camaro crash

As the duo raced to the end of the strip, Bernal let off the throttle and began to hit the brake. Something caused the front brake to lock, which sent the Camaro into a triple-digit spin and caused it to roll.

Thankfully, all of the safety equipment worked properly from the airbags to the Snell rated helmets, G Force five-point harness, and six-point roll cage by Deeds Performance. Both were able to walk away, with the passenger experiencing a concussion from the accident.

Always be safe, folks.

Source: High Tech Corvette YouTube

How insane is this triple-digit Chevy Camaro rollover crash?


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