Ferrari Officially Announces it’s taking the top off the LaFerrari!

Limited Edition Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

And limiting its production.

We all knew that it was only a matter of time before Ferrari was chopping the top off of its LaFerrari hybrid hyper car to allow drivers an open-air treat. After much anticipation, it was finally announced ahead of its special unveiling at the 2016 Paris International Motor Show.

Limited Edition Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

The limited edition Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will have the same powertrain as its fixed-roof counterpart and boast 950 bhp and 664 lb-ft. of torque to rocket it to triple-digit speeds with ease. The new open-top model saw significant modifications performed to the chassis to retain torsional rigidity and stiffness for optimum handling performance.

The new Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will come standard with a removable carbon fiber hard top and a removable soft top. The aerodynamics were also fine-tuned by engineers and designers to keep the drag coefficient to a minimum even when the roof has been removed.

Limited Edition Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Ferrari has said that it is limiting the production of its open-top LaFerrari model. However, each model has already been spoken for after being shown at a special preview event to clients. So, unless you got the invite, you’re out of luck.

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Gallery

Source: Ferrari

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