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Find Your Balance with the Nissan GT-R

Motorhead // Heart vs Head

This is a must-see if you like any kind of cars.

One of the most iconic sports cars to come out of Japan has been the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Its performance and ability to take down high-priced exotics has given it the nickname, ‘Godzilla’. It’s the stuff of legend and its tuning potential virtually knows no bounds.

The latest work of art from Luke Huxham details the balance between driving with your mind and heart, with two different GT-Rs from two different eras hugging the pavement and roaring through curves in their own unique way.

Motorhead // Heart vs Head

The first car driven by NOB Taniguchi is a HKS R35 GT1000 with about 1,200 horsepower reaching all four wheels from the twin-turbocharged V-6. It’s packed with high-tech goodies that keep everything working properly and make it insanely fast. It’s all about driving with your mind and utilizing the technology at your fingertips.

The second is an HKS R32 Group A GT-R that doesn’t have the gadgets, computers, and electronic controls that its younger sibling utilizes. It’s a pure driver’s car that delivers a more organic and emotional experience that connects driver to the road and is about feel.

They’re two different cars from two different eras with two different driving experiences and ways of going fast. It’s beautiful and shows how one of the world’s best super cars has evolved through the years.

And the future looks bright.

Director : Luke Huxham
Producer : Ko-hey Takada, Motorhead Magazine & Luke Huxham
Music : Slava Korystov
GFX : Edward Khoma
Driver : NOB Taniguchi
Special Thanks : HKS & HKS Technical Factory

Do you suddenly want a Nissan Skyline GT-R after watching this film?


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