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Here are Five Mistakes that Super Car Owners Make!

5 Common Supercar Driver Mistakes

You’re doing it all wrong!

Just because you own a super car doesn’t mean that you know how to drive it properly. Even today’s high-tech, super-complicated machines are built to handle driving on a daily basis, but you could be driving yours all wrong.

5 Common Supercar Driver Mistakes

McLaren 650S Spider owner, “the.leviathan”, has owned a few super cars in his time and knows a thing or two about driving them on the track, in cities, and on the highway. He has years of experience with these exotic beasts and is here to let you know five things that you’

1. Don’t need to drive everywhere in ‘Race Mode’
2. Incorrectly changing gears
3. Stopping in neutral
4. Driving with attitude
5. Not driving your car

Source: the.leviathan

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