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Nick Mason Crashed his McLaren F1 GTR at Goodwood and it Sucks!

Nick Mason McLaren F1 GTR Crash Goodwood

One of 28.

There are only 28 road-legal McLaren F1 GTRs in the world and Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason, is a proud owner of one of them. At the 75th Goodwood Member’s Meeting, he crashed it into a tire wall.

Nick Mason McLaren F1 GTR Crash Goodwood

That sentence is tough to read and the footage is even harder to watch. Thankfully, the tire wall provided plenty of give and Mason was uninjured. Still, there was some pretty hefty damage to the rare McLaren which will cost likely over $1 million dollars to fix.

The car itself is still worth a pretty penny and after it’s repaired, you can bet it’ll be worth well over $10 million. Still, it’s very hard to watch.

Source: Goodwood Road & Racing

How mad would you be if you were Nick Mason and you just crashed your McLaren F1 GTR?


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