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This Footage of a Lexus Smashing an Acura NSX is Horrifying

Acura NSX Hit by Lexus RX

It’s very hard to watch.

Witnessing a car accident can be a shocking experience. You instantly hope that everyone is okay and try to help whether it’s by calling 9-1-1 or running to their aid. But seeing a classic Acura NSX get impaled and destroyed at an intersection makes it exponentially more traumatic.

Sammy Manivong was sitting at a stoplight when he saw a red Acura NSX driving by with a set of Enkei RPF1 wheels. Like any car enthusiast, he whipped out his phone to record the sight to admire later.

Acura NSX Hit by Lexus RX

However, this wasn’t your average drive-by sighting of a classic. A Lexus RX ran the red light and hit the Acura as it was driving through the intersection, completely destroying the front of the super car.

Manivong’s reaction was probably what we all would be saying in his position after seeing what had just happened. We just hope that nobody was injured and that the Acura can be repaired.

Source: Jalopnik, Sammy Manivong

What would you do if you saw this Acura NSX get hit by a Lexus RX running a red light?


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