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Friday FAIL: Idiot Driver leads to some Creative Road Rage

Friday FAIL: Creative Motorcyclist Road Rage Karma

Bit of Karma here.

Motorcyclists have to be extra cautious on the road because, let’s face it, other drivers don’t always pay attention to them. This is another case of plain stupidity that resulted in some creative Karma. While road rage is never the answer, this one is just too good to pass up.

While driving down the roadway, a helmet-cam-equipped motorcyclist had to slam on the brakes as a driver pulled out of a fueling station, clearly cutting them off. The kicker was that the driver’s wallet fell off the roof of the car onto the road.

Friday FAIL: Creative Motorcyclist Road Rage Karma

So being an angry good Samaritan, the motorcyclist stopped, picked up the wallet, and followed the driver. He attempted to get the driver to pull over only to get flicked off. Upon showing the driver that he had his wallet, the driver finally pulled over.

The mad motorcyclist tossed the wallet inside the car and picked up the phone that was left on his roof and tossed it on the ground before speeding away.

The driver, clearly not paying attention to anything that day as shown with him leaving his valuables on the roof and blindly merging onto the road, could’ve had a very, very bad day had it not been for this motorcyclist.

Source: Tu Bui Anh YouTube

Would you have reacted the same way if you were the motorcyclist?


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