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Friday FAIL: 15-Year-Old buys Aston Martin, Crashes

Friday FAIL Underage Aston Martin Driver

Well, that was unexpected.

Fifteen-year-old professional soccer player, Konstantin P, is just like every other teenage guy in the fact that they want to get behind the wheel of a high-powered supercar. Luckily for him, being a professional soccer player for the Zenith-84 football club comes with quite a nice paycheck, which he used to purchase an Aston Martin as a New Year’s gift to himself, even though he did not have a driver’s license.

Friday FAIL Underage Aston Martin Driver

And just as one would expect, that same Aston Martin was crashed within three days of its purchase, reportedly be Konstantin P.

Reportedly, the previous owner of the Aston Martin told Life News in Russia that he had sold the car directly to the teenager on December 31st, who paid in cash and brought along his two friends wearing FC Zenith uniforms. The teen also asked that the car be left in the city’s center.

Eyewitnesses of the crash state that Konstantin P smashed the Aston Martin into a Volkswagen Tiguan and then fled the scene of the accident.

Friday FAIL Underage Aston Martin Driver

“Before leaving the intersection I looked around,” Konstantin told the press. “There was no one. Suddenly, out of nowhere, on the right side of my side flew a Volkswagen Tiguan. My speed was low – about 40-50 km/h [25-30mph], but he was going around 80 km/h [50mph].”

The teenager did admit that he did not have a license, which is why he fled the scene. He is now facing a number of charges that include abandoning the scene of an accident.

Source: TheSupercarKids, CarScoops

Do you think this 15-year-old will be driving an Aston Martin when he finally gets his license?


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